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Action and Advocacy

We are truly a grassroots organization...

The League of Women Voters takes action on an issue or advocates for a cause when there is an existing League position that supports the issue or speaks to the cause.

Positions result from a process of study. Any given study, whether it be National, State, or Local, is thorough in its pursuit of facts and details. As the study progresses, a continuing discussion of pros and cons of each situation occurs. Prior to the results of the study being presented to the general membership, study committee members fashion consensus questions that are then addressed by the membership.

Additional discussion, pro and con, takes place as members (not part of the study committee) learn the scope of the study. After the members reach consensus, the board forms positions based on that consensus.

It is the consensus statement -- the statement resulting from the consensus questions -- that becomes a position. Firm action or advocacy can then be taken on the particular issue addressed by the position. Without a position, action/advocacy cannot be taken.

Op-Ed - Lilac Hills race not suitable location for development

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letter from LWVUS President to the EPA regarding the Hydraulic Fracturing Research Advisory Panel

The LWV of California is proud to add their name with 29 other State Leagues to the following letter from LWVUS President, Elisabeth MacNamara, to the EPA regarding the Hydraulic Fracturing Research Advisory Panel. She urges them to restore integrity to their report by taking a number of actions. California has a small but now growing database of reports on fracking chemicals. We are unique because California law does not allow the oil companies to claim that the chemical mixtures they use are trade secrets. And we collect data on the chemicals they use; there is currently something over one year of data available.
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