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ILO Study - InterLeague Organization

Future of the ILO (Interleague Organization)

THE InterLeague Organization ( ILO) + Is it the best way to cover regional issues? Please review study materials

2016 ILO Convention

Saturday, May 21, 2016 -- Biennial Convention Business Includes Approval of County League Program, Budget, Election of Officers/Directors for 2016-2018 And Future of the ILO
Bring your own lunch and beverage. Water will be provided as well as morning treats.
2016 ILO Convention Workbook
2016 ILO Convention Minutes



Please read the study located here

Possible alternative organizational structures:

  • 1) The status quo. (See study report for a history of the County League.)
  • 1b) The status quo, but with no or a reduced Per Member Payment (PMP) from local leagues. An alternative method of raising funds would need to be established.
  • 2) Merge the two local leagues, leaving only one league in the County.
  • 3) Disband the ILO, retain the two local leagues and establish a County Council.
  • 4) Disband the ILO, but retain the two local leagues to work cooperatively on regional issues on an informal basis.

Study Materials